“An indispensable part of our holistic care”

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Salvation Army’s Furze Hill Care Home has been using our Care Charts for over a year now, and manager Ellie Cant has given her agreement for us to reprint her recent email to us here.

“We find our Remember-I’m-Me Standard Care Charts an indispensable part of our holistic care for residents. We initially bought 10 to see whether they would work for us. The staff and relatives were all very pleased, so we then bought enough to give one to every resident. They’ve been in place for over a year now; because they are wipe clean they can be changed as often as needed and have proved very durable.”

So, not only are the charts having a beneficial impact on the quality of life of staff, relatives and residents, but because the care home can use them time and time again they are excellent value for money.

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“It makes such a difference…”


Apex Care’s Knightswood Care Home has been using our Twist-N-View Care Charts since June 2013, and manager Jayne Booth was kind enough to give us the following feedback…

“We’ve been using the Twist-N-View Care Charts for 6 months, and we find them particularly useful for ensuring new staff are immediately aware of resident’s needs and preferences, as well as making the information available for visiting professionals like nurses. It makes such a difference if a resident is unable to communicate effectively themselves. The system of symbols and prompts ensures we use easy-to-understand, simple English and staff can easily find the information they need.” .


“I decided if there was no such thing I’d have to invent it…”

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Most of our charts are currently bought by care homes or domiciliary agencies, but we welcome individual orders as well, and love to hear the stories that have brought someone to our door. Jo placed an order with us in early January…

“I found you on Google because I was searching (not for the first time) to see if there was anything like your care charts already in existence. After several years of trying to get messages across to staff in all sorts of settings (home, hospital, care home), I decided that if there was no such thing, I would have to invent it! Luckily for me, you have already done that part…”

Jo’s Mum is in a care home, she has bought a Care Chart to help with her care and because Jo believes (as we do) it will be better used if it is part of the system of care within the care home, she has bought a Promo pack to see if the care home might be interested in adopting them too. We look forward to a positive outcome!

More about Promo Packs…


“Where can we buy these please…?”RIM Pocket front

Our Pocket Chart caught the attention of hospital staff in Staffordshire recently. Obviously that’s the idea, but this time, after a care home manager had completed and sent in a Pocket Care Chart with one of her residents who had to make a trip to hospital, she received a phone call from the ward asking where they could buy some for other patients! This small but perfectly formed version of our care charts is ideal for ensuring that an individual’s needs and preferences can be made known wherever they are. Every care home should have a pack in the drawer!


More about Pocket Charts



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