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Products and Services for Hospitals

My Future Care Handbook

When a patient has done some advance care planning, has a power of attorney in place, has discussed their wishes with their family, it makes it much easier for you to provide appropriate care and meet their needs. People may wish to make plans but have no idea where to start. If you are engaging with them at an appropriate time, you may wish to support them with a copy of this Handbook that has been evaluated by University of Brighton as ‘highly effective’. Read more here.

Mycarematters Profiles

When a patient is unable to communicate their needs and preferences it can be challenging for staff to provide the most appropriate support. Ensuring that this information is instantly available to all staff helps them develop that relationship which is vital to maximise quality of care.

This is not about medical information, but those things that enable you to treat the whole person: their preferred hot drink and whether they take milk and sugar, any phobias, mobility issues and capacity to manage their personal care. And then there are topics like pets, occupation and important dates to help staff get to know the person.

We have had a number of hospitals adopt the Remember-I’m-Me Care Charts but we are able to offer a further option: Mycarematters Profiles, a way of encouraging people to create profiles in advance of a hospital stay so the information is available from the minute they are admitted, and we offer a selection of display options to ensure the information is available to everyone interacting with the person.

Anyone who creates a Mycarematters Profile is given a unique code. You just need the code, a person’s name and their date of birth to access their Profile and view it online or print it out.

We have blank charts available for hospitals to use for those people unwilling or unable to use the internet that can be filled in by hand.

To see the options available for displaying a person’s Mycarematters Profile click here.

For further information click here

Remember-I’m-Me Care Charts

A number of hospitals have adopted either the Standard or Twist-N-View versions of the award-winning Care Charts.

Of the Twist-N-View Image, one piece of patient feedback was how pleasant it was to see an attractive picture on the wall instead of all the normal hospital notices and paraphernalia.

Either version can be wiped clean and re-used time after time. A simple and highly effective method of enabling person-centred care, with information about a patient available at a glance to all those interacting with them without having to refer to their notes.

“The information I wrote on Geoff’s chart was about the the things he’d have talked about if he’d been able, like taking his tea black and enjoying a chat about flying or sailing. It helped staff develop a relationship with him, and reduce his anxiety.” Zoe Harris, creator of the first Remember-I’m-Me Care Chart to assist with the care of her late husband.

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