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Care at Home

‘It’s so difficult trying to share all these pieces of information with so many different carers. They don’t have long and can’t possibly read a whole file before every visit. I worry that something important will get missed or her needs won’t be understood.’ Family carer

If you or someone you care for has difficulties communicating their needs and preferences to visiting carers, we may have the solution.

In an ideal world there would be detailed introductions, shared life histories and time for carers to really get to know someone, but sadly – and particularly for bank or agency staff – this is often not possible.

What we can do is provide a quick at-a-glance view of the things the person would talk about if they were able. This helps time-stretched professional carers more quickly develop a relationship and trust with the person in their care, by having an immediate understanding of the things that are important to them.

Our MyCareMatters care charts detail the sorts of non-medical information you would want people to know about you; from how you drink your tea to the difficulties you have dressing, your preferred radio station to your lifelong career as a teacher.

These nuggets of information can make an enormous difference between physically caring for someone and being able to treat them as a whole person. We all want to feel that our needs, tastes, preferences and life experiences still matter.

Our range of charts all provide at-a-glance information; the wall charts are laminated and can be regularly updated, the filesize version allows the information carers need to be presented at the front of the care plan, and the Pocket version is perfect to accompany someone to any appointment, respite care or hospital visit.

All versions ensure care professionals have immediate access to the key details that will support them to meet a person’s needs, initiate conversations and understand the person in their care far more effectively.

You may like to consider one of our Home Care Packs, each comprising three charts:

You may also want to consider creating a free digital MyCareMatters profile online so key information can be stored and either printed out or viewed onscreen: Find out more and create a profile here.

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