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Prepare a profile of your non-medical information so that if you need care in hospital, care home or at home, staff are aware of your needs and preferences.
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Care homes

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Prepare profiles for your residents to ensure their needs and preferences are available to all staff, and easily share information if they need a stay in hospital.
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Hospitals & Hospices


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Embed Mycarematters into the day-to-day life of your wards to help staff deliver truly person-centred care.
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Why use Mycarematters in a care home?

Mycarematters was originally intended for individuals to create a profile of their needs and preferences in advance of a hospital stay...


Should personal information be on view?

 The carer's eyes lit up with delight as he read that in Geoff's early career he'd been an RAF fighter pilot. John was obsessed with planes and he chatted away to Geoff about things...


Who is Mycarematters for?

Initially designed for people with dementia, as the service has evolved and undergone trials it has become clear that...


Shortlisted in competition

Mycarematters has been shortlisted in a national competition established to identify innovative solutions to the  problems faced by vulnerable people in later life...


Less is More

It’s tempting, isn’t it, when trying to explain something, to keep on using more and more words to get your point across?
There are good reasons for keeping it short...


Essex Challenge Dementia Programme

Mycarematters is one of nine projects announced for the Essex Challenge Dementia Programme...


Mycarematters Works In Any Care Setting

We designed Mycarematters as a way of reliably sharing a person’s non-medical needs and preferences with hospital staff...

Mycarematters is working with:

Cambridge and Peterborough
Sussex NHS
Princess Alexandra
Surrey and Sussex NHS
Colchester Hospital
Manchester uni NHS

We are an award-winning social enterprise and have been supported by:

Innovating for Ageing
Challenge Dementia Prize
Social innovation tournament
Bethnal Green Ventures
The Coutts Foundation
Young Foundation

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