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About MyCareMatters

MyCareMatters is a not-for-profit social enterprise, established to transform ideas into practical solutions that make a tangible difference to the quality of life of all caring staff and those they care for.

Our MyCareMatters Care Charts have won numerous awards and have been adopted by over 1,400 care homes throughout the UK, as well as by community, general and acute hospitals and in people’s own homes. Simple to use and highly cost-effective, care charts ensure that information is made consistently and reliably available to all those interacting with an individual, enabling staff to avoid traumatic mistakes and empowering them to build relationships with the people in their care.

There are many more organisations and people like us, having developed products and solutions that make a beneficial difference to people’s lives, and we want to play our part in helping them to reach the people who stand most to benefit, whether being cared for at home or in a residential setting.

I came up with the idea of our flagship product, the Remember-I'm-Me Care Chart, when my late husband had to move to a care home for what turned out to be the final 13 months of his life. I started to stick scribbled notes on the wall of his room when I realised that carers couldn't possibly know about the things that would make a difference to his quality of life.
The information was in the care plan but it's unreasonable to expect carers to remember everything, particularly in those stressful early days. The scribbled notes started to evolve into a series of symbols and prompts next to them, very much like the care chart as it is now. The care home manager saw how helpful it was having the information available at a glance, and wanted me to produce more for her other residents! We ran some trials and developed the chart into what is proving to be a useful tool in providing the best possible care.
We have gone on to develop an online version of the charts in the form of Mycarematters profiles as well as other products and services, but what I'm most excited about for Mycarematters Trading is the potential for showcasing other people's ideas, raising awareness of the numerous initiatives that deserve a wider audience.

Experiencing a vicarage childhood meant care homes, hospitals and hospices were familiar places to me from an early age. This no doubt gave me an understanding of life’s challenges, an ability to sit and talk to anyone and a determination to always try and see the person and listen to their stories rather than focus on appearances or diagnoses.
I'm now thoroughly enjoying transforming Mycarematters Trading into a hub of excellence, a first point of call for our care providers to source reliable information and a wide variety of tried and tested tools to help them deliver person-centred care to the people they support.
There is so much good work out there that deserves a wider audience. My monthly newsletter keeps our customers informed of our latest additions with specialist insights and our latest news and product updates.

What matters to me is ensuring that at MyCareMatters we nurture our relationships with customers, partners and stakeholders and stay connected to the realities of their day-to-day lives and experiences. It is a pleasure to be part of the vibrant and supportive care-related communities that exist on Twitter and Facebook. As social media and community manager, I aim to listen as much as I speak, give back as much as I receive, and add value to the conversations I join. At MyCareMatters we strive to understand and include people’s perspectives and create products and services that meet real needs. We often share the first sight of our new ideas with our online community, we value all feedback received and glean insights that help to shape our products and services. With a background in membership development and stakeholder engagement, and a diploma in strategic social media marketing, I am passionate about understanding experiences and sparking powerful connections that make a real difference to people’s lives. I am delighted to help tell the MyCareMatters’ story and always aim to inspire people to see what’s possible, get the support and resources they need and take action for themselves.

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