Moments by After Cloud

Moments is a secure, award-winning, mobile app for capturing life’s moments. It is a place to store memories, thoughts, and essential information that users can share privately and securely.

The app has been designed as a digital inclusion tool that can be used independently or within community group settings, to improve quality of life, independent living, health management, help to reduce social isolation and loneliness and to also improve the mental health and well-being of users.

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Moments enables users (or their companion) to share multimedia content (audio, images, letters, and video) to convey anything they wish to, privately and securely. The app is utilised for digital journaling and activity updates within services that support life enrichment and health and wellbeing improvements. Users can also uniquely post moments to a future date.

A user can save and share their personal stories in a digital memory vault. This can include photos, letters, voice and audio recordings and videos. For example:
• A video showing activity or best practice to stakeholders.
• Audio message reminders.
• Share photos with audio explanations of who is who.
• A letter for a partner, including photos and videos you wish to share.
• A message to someone the user cares about, saying something that they have always wanted to say.