I’m delighted to tell you about the positive reaction to our most recent product. The ‘Because I Care’ Daily Prompt Posters have been available since August and the dozens of care homes already using them have given them a resounding ‘thumbs up’.

“Brilliant!” was the feedback from a number of managers. “We choose a different prompt each week,” said another manager from Tyne and Wear, “and the staff get a lot out of discussing its impact at the end of the week.” “We have them on display in our training room, “said a Matron in Bristol, “they are really eye-catching and are inspiring a lot of discussion amongst the staff.

The idea behind these ’Because I Care’ Daily Prompt Posters is to keep your staff thinking about what they have learned during training.

I’m sure you’ve seen it happen. Staff get back to work with renewed enthusiasm after a training session, eager to put in place what they have learned, only to slip back into familiar old ways. Perhaps some of it will stick, but the every-day pressures and routines eat away at the enthusiasm, and eventually some of the anticipated benefits of training will have been lost.

This attractive and thought-provoking set of posters can bolster and retain the effects of training. Pin them on a display board or select a desktop holder or wall frame and select a different message – even better, ask your carers to choose a message – every day or across a number of shifts.


  • Boost the lessons learned in training by your carers with these daily reminders.
  • Use the daily prompt as an opportunity to initiate discussion of a particular topic amongst your staff.
  • Reinforce the message that quality of care matters in your care home.
  • Demonstrate to your carers that helping them to improve their knowledge and skills is important to you.

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