Over 9,000 people throughout the UK are now benefiting from one of our Remember-I’m-Me™ care charts, but we are aware that not everyone has the space to hang our larger charts in such a way as to protect the privacy of the individThere are three versions of the Twist-N-View chartual. So I’m very excited to announce that we have risen to the challenge with our new Twist-N-View™ range: the charts are smaller, and they are double-sided, allowing personal information to be turned to the wall when not being referred to by a carer. What visitors will see, depending on the version of chart used, is an attractive picture or other non-sensitive information of the individual’s choice, yet the personal information is instantly available to any carer, helping them to provide informed, person-centred and dignified care.

Not only can relatives be confident that every carer who attends to their loved one has easy access to the information they need to give best quality care, but they can also be reassured that the individual’s privacy is being respected.

Want to see for yourself?The Sample Set comprises one of each of 6 charts in the range

If you are undecided as to whether the Twist-N-View™ range suits your needs, why not take advantage of our generously discounted price of just £20* to see a full set. The Twist-N-View™ Sample Set includes a copy of each of the six charts in the range plus a dry wipe marker pen, so you can make an informed decision as to whether and which of the charts will work in your environment.

This offer is limited to one set per care home, and is not available for purchase via the website. Please call 01403 210485 to place your order, or to find out more about these or our other products.

*plus delivery and VAT

New pricing…

Because we now have so many options for you to choose from, we’ve adjusted our pricing structure so that you get a discount across your entire order. The advantage to you is the flexibility it gives you in selecting a variety of charts, posters and accessories knowing you will still benefit from bulk discounts across the board. The cart in our online shop will calculate your discount automatically for you, so you can juggle quantities and products until you’ve matched the products you want with your available budget.

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