Enhance the quality of care you offer your residents… and claim a free pack of our latest charts.

Would you like to be able to provide your carers with the information they need to give person-centred and dignified care, without compromising an individual’s right to privacy?

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We have developed a range of care charts to ensure that the needs and preferences of an individual are available at a glance when required, and hidden from view at all other times.

All versions within the Twist-N-View™ range offer the benefits of our original charts: printed symbols and prompts to help carers and family provide appropriate information, and a wipe-clean surface so that it can easily be updated as often as necessary. But now, when the information is not needed, simply turn it to the wall to ensure an individual’s personal information remains confidential. It’s the best of both worlds: instant access to information a carer needs to maximise an individual’s quality of life, with respect for their privacy assured as well.

The full Twist-N-View range
The full Twist-N-View range

If you’d like to give the charts a trial run, we offer a complete sample set of the 6 Twist-N-View charts at the generously discounted price of £20 + VAT and delivery – limited to one set per care home. And even this sample set qualifies for this special offer:

Place your order on or by May 10th…RIM Pocket front

and we’ll include a pack of our recently launched Remember-I’m-Me Pocket charts entirely free. These clever little charts are designed to travel with an individual if they have to go to hospital, and are printed on stiff card so as to stand and be seen on a bedside table. Click here to see product details, prices and ordering information.

Please note: this offer ends at midnight on May 10th; if you wish to make a purchase but are unable to complete your order by that date, please email us and we’ll be happy to arrange an extension of a few days to help you out.

Use Promotion Code ‘May10’ when ordering on line or by phone.

More on the May10 offer: We will include a free pack of our Remember-I’m-Me Pocket Charts (10 charts) with every order of at least £20+VAT for any of our products received before midnight on May 10th 2013, limited to one pack per care home and subject to availability of stock.