combined images for webFine Art Pack #1

In collaboration with CDAN, the Creative Dementia Arts Network, we are proud to launch the first of our Art Packs, a cost-effective opportunity to use art for encouraging discussion and social engagement.

There are probably as many definitions of fine art as there are masterpieces, but the one from the Free Online Dictionary sums it up nicely: ‘Art produced or intended primarily for beauty rather than utility’.

A feast for our eyes then. But also a chance to stir our senses, nourish our emotions. And where a person’s quality of life has reduced to the point where there is little opportunity for mental stimulation, fine art can be used as a prompt to develop discussion, for reminiscence, or just quiet contemplation.

By all means hang them on the wall, but our Art Packs are designed to work much harder than as a passive display. A few minutes’ reading of the straightforward notes and your carers will have enough information to chat with your residents in an informed way about each picture.

You may well find some of your residents will recognise one or more of these paintings, you might even discover an art enthusiast, and the beauty of a discussion about art is that there are no right or wrong answers, just strong opinions.

Encourage residents to select a masterpiece for their room, use them for one-to-one or group activities, hang them in the dining room and spark a debate about the importance of art over lunch… the possibilities are endless.

Each painting is printed on high quality 260 gsm photo paper and can be purchased loose, mounted on foam board, supplied with snap frames, or with one or more Twist-N-View ‘Display’ Care Charts.

If you feel your staff would benefit from training on how to make the most of this resource, CDAN will be pleased to structure a personalised programme to suit your needs. Email CDAN for further details.

This is the first pack in a range currently under development.

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